Petrea Savige


Petrea is a retired teacher. Her main writing interest is poetry. In 1983, Melbourne Small Press NOSUKUMO published her poetry collection Return the Garden. The manuscripts Waiting for Angels (1990-1995) and What the Sleeping Beauty Saw (2007) continue similar ideas – looking for/creating the female story. Sections of both have been published by Poetrix, Inkshed, The New Zealand Poetry Society, Poetica Christi Press and The Women-Church Journal. Waiting for Angels is the story of Eve told by her mother. The opening section, ‘Mother and Child’ has been used as part of a Liturgy. The title for the projected trilogy is After Eve and the three books are titled: Waiting for Angels, What the Sleeping Beauty Saw and The Martyrdom and Resurrection of Lindy Chamberlain. Waiting for Angels has been accepted for publication by Littlefoxpublishing and the two others requested by the publisher.

Petrea’s work also features in both Ibis Writers’ anthologies: A Skein of Ibis I and II.