ASPI Committee 2017-2018 (l to r) Barbara Owen, Susan Brereton, Chris Farrell, Lois Green (Secretary), Diana Edwards, Marian Quigley (President), Gay Mosby (Treasurer). Absent: Roger Breen, Heather Fahnle (Vice President).

If you have an enquiry feel free to email or call the appropriate member.

For any content that needs to be provided to the website such as member profiles, links, upcoming events and activities or any other general information updates, please contact Warren Nichols

Marian Quigley

Ph: 0430274666

Lois Green

Ph: 59569595

Gay Mosby

Treasurer & Membership
Ph: 0425728323

Susan Brereton

Camera Club
Ph: 0408136717

Carolyn Landon

Ibis Writers
Ph: (03) 5672 5939

Barb Owen

Textile Artists
Ph: 0438689719