Beryl King

Visual Artist

I have always been interested in art. I painted when younger but did not take up pottery and ceramic sculpture until I lived on Phillip Island. I began a TAFE Diploma in Visual Arts in which ceramics was a minor component. Although I didn’t complete the whole course, I found it very helpful and learned to appreciate all types of art.

I studied music when younger but have not yet found an outlet for this in my work. Perhaps this is to come.

A late starter myself, I would never discourage anyone at any age from taking up working with clay. It is so rewarding. I find it keeps me alive and hopefully a more interesting person.

Since moving to East Gippsland, my work has grown and I am lucky to have four galleries which have my work regularly on display: Mingara Gallery, Cowes; MaSpace Gallery, Mallacoota; Amegilla Gallery Bruthen and EGAG Bairnsdale. Each piece I make is different and follows a theme, hopefully showing emotion and sometimes quirky.