Diana Edwards


Diana’s life long love of painting is an integral part of her life , with her great love of beauty and the outdoors, there is a heartfelt connection to whatever subject she paints. Fortunate to have some wonderful teachers, she studied with Ron Crawford from 1976 for ten years and later with watercolour Artist David Taylor. Diana’s skill was acknowledged in 1984 when she was awarded the prestigious A.M.E. Bale Award for oil painting.

Living in the Christmas Hills near the Yarra Valley Diana’s love of the local landscape was the inspiration for an exhibition ‘Vineyards and Valleys’, golden moments of the Yarra Valley

As a teacher of both oil and watercolour, she has taught in many Art Societies and at Templestowe Art Centre for past 16 years.
In 2010 she was awarded the Notable Women of Nillumbik Award for contribution to the Arts and Culture of this beautiful area.

Diana has painted in wonderful locations all over the world, painting plein –air where ever possible. Her love of boats , land and sea scapes, street scenes, busy markets and people make for a wonderful variety of subject matter. Her oil paintings can be vibrant and colourful to quiet and contemplative but always in an impressionistic way. She loves the translucent and magical qualities of watercolour and the subject will often dictate the choice of medium.

Diana has exhibited in many solo and joint exhibitions since 1987 and her work has been readily appreciated for more than 30 years with sales to private and corporate collections both in Australia and overseas.
With a move to Phillip Island and a new studio to be completed a new adventure begins. Through her passion and dedication for her artistic journey she will continue to develop and grow.


dianaartist @waterfront.net.au