Emma Le-Mar


I grew up in Orkney, a windswept archipelago off the north coast of Scotland. This is where my love for ceramics began. In 2006 I was gifted a pottery lesson with David Holmes, a local potter. I instantly fell in love with the art and my “lessons” became an apprenticeship that continued for years. Our main focus was always Raku, but we also experimented with Copper red and Crystalline firings.

In 2016 I moved across the world to live on Phillip Island. I’ve since continued my ceramics journey and opened Le-Mar Ceramics in November 2019. I have since mainly worked on black and white contrasts, concentrating more on the form of each pot. I am now ready to embrace my true passion, Raku.

The conservation of our environment is very important to me and so I have taken care to ensure all my work is exclusively advertised and packaged with recycled, biodegradable materials.