Heather Towns


Observe. Dissect. Interpret.

Living and working at Cape Paterson, Heather Towns, known widely by her nickname Zulu, aims to approach each piece of artwork from a different angle. She tries hard NOT to follow her art school training, heavily stooped in traditional painting techniques, of perspective, shadows, hues, colour wheels etc, that are commonly the key rules in a painter’s life.

Zulu wishes to rebuild and relook at everything she paints. She sets the rules of observe, dissect & interpret, to everything she sees. She firstly observes, the person, objects or landscape that she is looking at … really see it, in patterns, in shapes and everyway, but the way it really is.

Then she dissects the parts, the interesting, the weak areas, the colour feel etc. Then the hard bit…interpret the whole in a new and creative way, but not totally abstract – well sometimes totally abstract, but often with the whole image broken into a series of patterns and rich colour plains, pushing and pulling at the shapes and fighting on the edges of colours.

Her last exhibition in Melbourne at the Artist’s Society of Victoria in November 2019 was a great success and fun. Zulu won the George Hicks Foundation Contemporary Art price at VAS in 2018 and was highly Commended in 2020. She also won the ASPI Contemporary Award Cup Day Exhibition in 2019.

She has work on show in many of the local and Melbourne based shows. Her Studio/Gallery usually opens in January each year for a week or two, so watch for the notifications or contact her direct.

P 0418 263 264