Jan Lowe

Jan Lowe works as a professional artist and is a signatory member of the Australian Guild of Realist Artists. She grew up on a remote cattle & sheep property in the country. Photography was an early passion, (as her father was a photographer) and during the long sheep mustering, she took the opportunity to be behind the lens. As a teenager, volunteered at a local vet and later qualified professionally as an engineer. Her professional career took her to many continents of the world. In the US, completed her Fine Art Degree from the Academy of Realist Art Boston. Scratchboard & Watercolour are her favourite mediums, however oils and pastels still feature. She teaches in Scratchboard.

Her art is her “story telling”. Encouraged by instruction of local Australian and international master living artists such as Bob Wade, David Taylor, Haley Brown and Robert Bateman (she was fortunate to meet both Haley & Robert during workshops in Canada and US). However, her favourite being the US watercolorist Mary Whyte — her strokes are a delight, there is no other like her and again—Mary is a story teller, her works speak volumes.

Jan is a constant student of Rembrandt and Sargent-consider the eyes of Rembrandt’s self-portrait – the soul and passion WOW! Talking about passion—the more recent contemporary masters—Willem de Kooning—his works can take your breath away—so much meaning and passion and Cy Twombly—perhaps one of the greatest modern contemporary American artists—so much soul.

Convinced that she inherited her passion for animals and the world from her dear late father.

Her works have won many awards and she has exhibited in solo and joint exhibitions since mid-1990’s; and exhibits regularly internationally and throughout Australia.


National Gallery of Vic. Aust. (NGV); International Soc. of Scratchboard Artists (ISSA); Aust. Guild of Realist Artists (AGRA); Contemporary Art Soc. Vic. (CAS); Watercolour Art Soc. of Vict. (WASV); Guild of Nature and Wildlife Art in Aust. (GN&WAA); American Watercolor Soc. (AWS); Victorian Art Society (VAS); Qld Wildlife Artists Soc. Inc. (QWASI); Pastel Soc. Victoria, Aust. (PSV); Pastel Soc. of America; Artists’ Soc. of Phillip Island Inc (ASPI); The Malvern Art Soc.; The Soc. of Animal Artists; WABA —Wildlife & Botanical Artists Inc.

She has given back to the art community through volunteering for the last two decades and continues to do so.

Art Community Commitment

2018—Exhibitions Coordinator, ASPI

2017 – current Editor for the International Soc. of Scratchboard Artists USA; 2015 — 2017 Vice Pres. & Editor of the ISSA (US);

2016 – Aug. 2017 – Treasurer & Editor AGRA (Aust); 2015­V. President & Editorial AGRA (Aus);

2011-2014— President AGRA;

2013-2014—Acting President W/C Art Soc. Vic & Aus.; 2008-2010—V. President AGRA;

2010-2014 C’ttee Member of the WC Art Soc. Vic.;

2011 —2012 Acting President Wildlife Art Soc. Australasia; 2011 — Founder of the Guild f Nature & Wildlife in Australia: 2006-2011 Editor of Hues Mag. for AGRA;

2008 — 2015 AGRA — PM for the AAL (AGRA Artists on Line) Competitions);

2006 — 2017 Councilor of AGRA (Resigned from Council in August 2017)

Every painting tells a story—the moment, the passion the soul …… ..Jan Lowe (wwwjanlowefineart.com)