Peter Walker


I’m fascinated by the human condition, which forms the basis of my practice. Humans are never boring, always surprising, with different personalities, body shapes, attitudes, beliefs and approaches to life. As an artist I can’t think of anything more fascinating and challenging.

I call the work I do “Neo-portraiture expressionism”. Why? Firstly I’m not interested in super- realistic portraiture as such, but more interested in evoking an expression, and emotion about the work overall. I’m looking to evoke character in a person, not unlike Toulouse Lautrec.

In studying a person’s face for the first time I see it as a cartoon. From there I look to see what to emphasise so as to bring out the person’s features. By maintaining a direct simplicity of drawing and painting in my work, I endeavour to convey an overall personality through the characteristic expression of the eyes and the mood of the mouth.
Secondly, I displace or change colour, so a person may end up with a blue/red face if I need to get a particular tension, vibrancy or different feeling within the work.
Moreover, combining imagination, knowledge, experience and sometimes “considered mistakes”- bringing an added surprise or dimension to the work resulting in an individual approach.

The art materials I use for works on paper are charcoal, pastel, acrylic, gesso, ink, pencils and oil. The mono-prints are made using acrylic, ink and oil.
For works on canvas I mainly use oil, acrylic, gesso, ink and pastel. The installation works are made from wood, cardboard, found objects and photo reference.

My work is on Facebook and Saatchi Online website or you can catch the work on a couple of crazy videos on YouTube under “Phillip Island Galleries and Artists”.
A no-obligation viewing of my studio work in Cowes, Phillip Island can be arranged by calling +613 5952 6492. Local and overseas visitors welcome.