Sandra Peeters


Drawing and painting have formed a strong part of my life for as long as I can remember, along with a general interest in the visual arts.

I am mostly interested in representing and interpreting the movement, events and environment of my daily life through the use of abstracted line, and colour. The fact that life is multi-layered and that things are very rarely exactly what they appear to be is an underlying consideration in what I am attempting to do.
I work in watercolour, gauche and oils. In more recent years I have also focussed on developing collages which are formed from a combination of my own deconstructed paintings and other materials such as pieces from magazines, Japanese art papers and other materials which catch my eye.

The whole process is one of ongoing discovery, delightful surprise and intuitive decision making, rather than one of striving to reach a predetermined goal.

Represented at Mingara Art Gallery, Cowes; Stephen McLaughlin Gallery, Melbourne and Gallery Yeh-In, Melbourne