Ursula Theinert


My work has always represented the land as ‘Mother Earth’, a living entity, to create empathy, and help the viewer reflect on the ‘hidden’ and ’surface’, aspects of our perceptions about what we see, understand and experience around us. I have focused on ‘Erosion’, ‘Forest Management’ and Black Saturday in my ‘Fire Series’, and recently began a new series called ‘Re-enchantment’.

In my ‘Re-enchantment Series’ my core concept still remains the belief that the intimate relationship we have with the environment is built into the human psyche. However, I feel that since the Black Saturday fires I am even more interested in understanding the basic need that humans have to ask questions about the world, as the enquiry also becomes an internal question about oneself, and the eternal “Who am I?” I feel that our increasing desire to protect the environment and questioning seeing the natural world as only useful raw materials for our use, is an enlightening investigation and one which makes us see nature once again as magical and sacred.