ASPIR Cup Weekend Exhibition and Young Artist Award Results 2022

Judge: Regina Hona AFRAF PSVA

Sponsor: $500 – Bendigo Community Bank, Cowes
HELEN BELLINO # 21, Memories of Egret, Ocean Debris

Judge’s comment:
This extraordinary piece not only tells the story of what sadly is found on our shores but the artist has very cleverly used these small and varied pieces to create the form of the bird and flow of the feathers. The artworks grandeur further emphasises the story with the successful use of linear paint perspective and colour. Congratulations Helen.

Highly Commended – Contemporary
Sponsor: $100 – Bendigo Community Bank.
KEN FISHER #57, Rhyll Inlet, Mixed Media

Judge’s comment:
This is an engaging piece allowing us to explore this unusual medium and the process employed by the artist. Well done.

Sponsor: $500 – Phillip Island RSL
JENNY JACKSON #82, Floodplain, Watercolour

Judge’s comment:
The simplicity and mood of this subject force the eye to travel into and through the painting. Its simple composition also allows the eye to rest, yet we can still explore the subtle shapes at each level of landscape perspective. The painting is further enhanced by the excellent use of colour and the ideal placement of the glistening patches of water. Congratulations and well done Jenny

Highly Commended – Painting:
Sponsor: $100 – Bendigo Community Bank
DIANA EDWARDS # 43, Awakening, Rhyll, Watercolour

Judge’s comment:
This subject is typical of our Australian landscape. The soft edges and complimentary colours evoke a tranquil atmosphere with much depth and mood. Congratulations Diana.

Sponsor: $400 – Alex Scott & Staff Real Estate
RICKY McLEAN #99, Lost Hope Charcoal & Graphite

Judge’s comment:
The draughtsmanship in this subject is strong and masterful. There is a clever use of compositional design and form that leaves us in no doubt as to what the subject is feeling. This is a very skilled artist with an excellent command of line, shape and form to bring the subject to life. Well done Ricky.

Highly Commended: Other Medium:
Sponsor: $100 – Bendigo Community Bank
LORI HEAD # 78,The Protector, Pastel

Judge’s comment:
This master pastellist has captured her subject well. The lack of background enables us to focus on every detail within the dog portrait from the beautifully rendered fur to the anticipated face. Well done Lori.

Sponsors: $400 Phillip Island Winery and Westernport Hotel
BRUCE WEARNE #163, Twin Box Set, Mixed Media

Judge’s comment:
The style and precise workmanship of this twin box is to be admired. The placement of the timber-grained wood adds to its appeal and is beautifully enhanced by the colourful yet simple triangle motif as well as the similarly shaped legs of the box. A very pleasing piece that would grace any home or office. Congratulations Bruce.

Highly Commended: 3D
Sponsor: $100 – Bendigo Community Bank
MIRANDA SAGE # 144, Totemic Dance, 3D Collage

Judge’s comment:
This clever totemic subject seems to be symbolic of the flow of life – where water gives life, but in which all will eventually decay and die. A lovely engaging piece that is open to interpretation.

Sponsors: $400 BrinnieT Design and Lightique
JILLIAN MITCHELL #101, The Look, Photograph

Judge’s comment:
Sometimes rules are made to be broken. This engaging monochrome photograph draws us in, and although the lion’s eye is situated in the centre of the artwork commanding our attention and exploration, we are then encouraged to wander around the rest of the subject. The eye suggests the landscape it is viewing and is almost telling you what it is thinking. A great image capturing a challenging moment in time. Congratulations.

Highly Commended: Digital Artwork/Photograph
Sponsor: $100 – Bendigo Community Bank
ALETA GROVES # 68, Red-Eyed Frog, Digital Print

Judge’s comment:
A delightful composition and a joyful subject. Although it has been digitally enhanced you can’t help but feel happy when looking at it. Well done!


THEME:  Portraits

Sponsor: $100 Bendigo Community Bank
Eliza Poll “Worried”
Judge’s comment:
A fresh and understated rendition of the artist Picasso. Wonderful use of colour. Well done Eliza.

Sponsor: $60 Bendigo Community Bank
Isabella Stead “The Queen”
Judge’s comment:
The simplicity of this pointillism style is what makes it so engaging. It forces us to complete the picture. Beautifully done with just enough emphasis on the eye and corner of the lips to create the focal point. Well done Isabella.

Sponsor: $40 Bendigo Community Bank
Dexter Goodall “Picasso Inspired Portrait”
Judge’s comment:
Another fresh and engaging portrait with a good balance of colour line, and form. Congratulations Dexter.

Highly Commended:
Sponsors: Turn the Page, 2x $25 Book Vouchers and Woolworths Cowes, 2x $25 Vouchers
Joshua Ward – “Valentino Guseli”
Adrien Laurie – “Self Portrait”
Raven Boisvert – “Untitled”
Aaliyah Oxley – “Untitled”