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    Ibis Writers

    ibisIbis Writers originated following a writers workshop run by Bruce Pascoe at Wonthaggi Secondary College in 1988. Workshop participants Jane Matta (Ford), Christine Edwards and Marian Quigley founded the group which was formally named by Petrea Savige in 1989. The ibis, a local water bird was also the ancient symbol of Thoth, the Egyptian god of wisdom and learning, inventor of writing and the official scribe of the after-world.

    Ibis members presented their work in annual readings at Phillip Island and at the National Gallery of Victoria in 1995 in association with the ‘Postcards and Souvenirs’ exhibition by Phillip Island artists. This was followed by an anthology, A Skein of Ibis and a second volume in 1998, coinciding with the Bass Bicentenary celebrations. The group runs regular workshops and public readings, has funded a local writers competition and in April 2007, organised the inaugural Bass Coast Writing Festival.


    IBIS monthly meetings are held in a friendly atmosphere, alive with a generous exchange of ideas, experience and knowledge. The main focus of IBIS has been a cooperative reader/commentator relationship: positive and constructive suggestion rather than formal criticism.
    IBIS Writers aims are:

    to provide an informal forum for members to read their work to an audience, providing an opportunity to gauge readers’ reactions;

    • to nurture the creativity of the writer;
    • to listen respectfully;
    • to share in discussion about individual works and writing in general;
    • to heighten awareness for the need for informed self criticism and self-editing on completion of a draft;
    • to encourage the writer to see new possibilities in their work;
    • to respect the author’s right to ownership of the content/ subject matter of his/her chosen genre (but with careful attention to copyright)
    • to acknowledge that a writer may have contractual obligations that restrict disclosure of certain details when working with an editor or agent: such as a referred agent’s contact details;
    • to hold workshops that aim to broaden the experience of participants and public readings to disseminate our work to a larger audience and help writers to gain self-confidence in reading to the general public.
    • On occasion, Ibis may invite local guest speakers to make brief presentations.

    Ibis Writers are affiliated members of the Artists Society of Phillip Island Inc. PO Box 198, Cowes 3922. No. A0030311H.
    Ibis Writers Contact: Ian Robinson gurdies@australiaonline.net.au

    Logo Illustration by Jane Ford