Recap Workshops and Textile Art Group

Report 2021 compiled by Shirley Collins re Workshops and Textile Art Group


This year we managed only a few workshops
Ink painting with Sophie Dieu
Lino Cut with Susan Hall
Portraits with Alyson May
All of which were fantastic & stretched everyone’s imagination. Thank you to all that attended &  I look forward to a full program next year. If there is something in particular you would be interested in please let me know so I can explore.

I already have a few ideas & of course, we still need to get to Montsalvat.


What a big year this has been with Covid interrupting some of our meeting & a few of our members having various stints in hospital or struck down for other reasons.
We welcomed Deb Wearne as a new member who specialises in spinning & weaving.
We did manage to fit in some very productive work.

A mural consisting of 18 squares is in the finishing stages.
We had a hat & bag demonstration earlier in the year with Karin Ellis.

Thanks to Bev we all contributed to making a HUSWIF (housewife) For those that don’t know what it is. It’s a small case containing scissors, thread, needles, etc. which was a gift for one of our ladies.
Also Block Printing with Lynne; and Anne-Marie has been helping with free-flow machine techniques & pattern making.

Thank goodness for our Workshops & meetings, our companionship kept us sane throughout these trying times.
We look forward to more exciting time next year.

Shirley Collins